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Academy of Brain makes modern learning understandable, integrates learning into everyday life, and develops organization’s ability to respond to current work-life skills needs. We provide you with a sharp and professional pacesetter for every stage of people development.

HR decision-maker! Strengthen your staff´s work-life skills and interaction capabilities through online trainings based on behavioral research. Order free test license for you or your team and check out our content for 14 days.

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Five compelling reasons to choose us


22,000 users in 49 countries, 10 different fields and 100+ different organisations


High quality, research-based content that produces learning outcomes


Customised learning tracks and effective solutions for employee activation


We focus on developing future working life skills


Our online trainings are highly recommended by our clients and their employees


FORWARD™ is designed to bolster mental resilience and successful remote work.

The program supports people’s well-being, resilience, recovery, mind-control and adaptability to change.

Develop remote management and ways to enhance digital interaction and virtual teamwork.


Upcoming Webinar

Sustainability Of Workplace Learning


Join Academy of Brain´s webinar on 1.6.2021 @ 15.00!

Academy of Brain´s Lead psychologist Ville Ojanen will host the webinar, discussing the concept and practices of Sustainable workplace learning, with guest Soila Lemmetty, PhD and Researcher from University of Jyväskylä.

As organizations are focusing on utilizing the learning capabilities of workforce more effectively than before, it has become crucial to also consider the human and social sustainability of workplace learning interventions and practices.

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Academy of Brain – Learning Tracks

We are in different roles, at different stages of our careers, and what we need in our working lives varies.

Here you will find study paths for different needs. We design the learning tracks for your organization´s strategic needs.

Click on the icon to find out more. You can also download the pdf brochure for yourself.


The NEWME™ program is built by our experts to develop your core self-management skills.


BRAINEE™ is a graduate program built by our experts to meet the needs of young talents. The program supports well-being and self-determination while teaching the most important work skills; recovery skills, stress management, resilience and collaboration skills.


Our experts have created the LEAD™ program for leaders and managers. The program brings together key aspects of today’s working life and practical skills for better leadership. The program will be implemented flexibly online.


Our experts have created the VIBES™ program, which aims to deepen participants’ understanding of themselves, support self-directedness in interaction situations, and expertise in digital interaction and virtual teams.


Coping with sudden changes of Everyday Life and Ways of Working
Everyone of us is facing the changed realities of everyday life. Academy of Brain experts have designed an online training learning track, to support you in your everyday life and remote work.

Tens of thousands of employees around the world use our online training courses

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Academy of Brain will change your mind!

Change your mind today.

HR Directors & Managers! Developing and training your employees does not have to be expensive. With our online trainings you will be able to flexibly and affordably reach your goals in both Finnish and in English. We cover everything for you from communication to reporting.

Online Trainings

starting at 33€ / year / user

All content available for 12 months

Employee Activation: Communication materials and newsletters

Project Manager level of support and helpdesk


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Verkkovalmennusten suurimpia etuja on se, että niitä voi hyödyntää ajasta ja paikasta riippumatta, juuri niin kauan kerrallaan kuin itselle sopii. Kiinnostavaan aiheeseen voi myös helposti palata uudelleen.
Henkilöstöpäällikkö Riina Ainasvuori
Henkilöstöpäällikkö Riina Ainasvuori
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Better self-management means something slightly different for each individual. The best thing about the Academy of Brain’s online training content is that it is versatile and the courses consist of short modules and quick-fix solutions. As a result shorter bursts of learning are made possible.
HRD Manager Marja Salminen
HRD Manager Marja Salminen
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Itseohjautuvuus edellyttää yhä parempia ihmistaitoja

Itseohjautuvuus on työelämässä yhä tärkeämpää. Työn painopiste muuttuu: vuorovaikutteisen, vaativan aivotyön osuus kaikesta ihmisten tekemästä työstä kasvaa. Itseohjautuvan organisaation sisällä ei kulje perinteistä komentoketjua.
Lataa oppaamme ja lue lisää aiheesta.


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