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Soft skills as a service!

Academy of Brain develops sustainable work-life with soft skills elearning tutorials. We develop leadership, humane productivity, interpersonal, collaboration and mindset skills with our customers.

HR decision-maker! Strengthen your staff´s soft skills through online trainings based on behavioral research. Test our content for 60 days with a free test license. You can also grab test licenses for your HR colleagues or other decision-makers.

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Academy of Brain as a soft skills partner


Soft skills development since 2008. We develop specialists, experts, supervisors, chiefs and teams.


Soft skills such as Leadership, Humane Productivity, Interpersonal, Collaboration and Growth Mindset.


Content based on behavioral science and facilitated small group learning. Over 100 themes in Finnish and English.


Academy of Brain eLearning content can be utilized in SCORM- and xAPI -compliant learning platforms, intranets or in Academy of Brain learning platform.


Fifteen years of soft skills development, 500000 developed employees in 116 countries, and over 200 customer organizations. 


NPS 71 (2020), NPS 71 (2021) and NPS 71 (2022).

HR Survey

HR, we value your opinion! We are conducting a study that investigates the use of digital learning platforms in the training and development of personnel.

The survey is conducted in Finland for Finnish HR managers and directors. Respondents will have a chance to win Finnkino tickets!

Academy of Brain


Soft Skills tutorials

Academy of Brain’s online learning tutorials are based on behavioral and social science research and practical experiences. Our online trainings develop crucial soft skills. We aim to improve employees’ interaction and management skills as well as their way of handling pressure.

Managerial Work & Leadership

Soft skills are the basis of Managerial work and Leadership. Improve your ability to lead!

Humane Productivity

Humane productivity is the ability to make meaningful things happen in a way that enhances well-being and promotes shared learning.

Interpersonal skills

Collaboration is how value is created. We need each other to make a difference.

Growth Mindset

Mindset affects the way you automatically think and feel about yourself, the world and other people. It is a collection of attitudes and skills that you can learn to apply.


Collaboration Skills

Everyday encounters define the atmosphere at work. Each encounter impacts the community and how well it can succeed.


Upcoming Webinar

Webinar: Workplace camaraderie – the most essential resource of an organization?

Co-operation and camaraderie play a vital role within organizations and the work community. Join our webinar to learn more about how you can develop workplace camaraderie and the implications of good cooperation for your work community and your organizational productivity as a whole. We will be discussing the role of HR and management in developing an enivornment for workplace camaraderie.
In the webinar, Ville Ojanen, the leading psychologist at the Academy of Brain, Jarmo Manner, our Lead Coach, and Satu Teerikangas from the University of Turku, who studied work ethics, will examine the themes and skills of the workplace comradery.
Sign up for our webinar which will be held on June 14th @ 3 p.m.
The webinar will be in Finnish.
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AOB FUSE™ – Overcoming typical soft skills learning challenges

How to answer to quickly changing skill needs, and to ensure future-proofing the workforce?
How to strengthen culture of learning and collaboration?
How to support collaborative learning at work: reflections, collaborative learning methods, implementation?
How to support personnel to take responsibility of their own learning & development?
How to find time for learning?
How to scale learning to whole organization?
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Our 2022 Net Promoter Score was 71!

Our customers’ success is a matter close to our hearts, which is why we regularly measure customer satisfaction by tracking our NPS score. For the third year in a row, our score is 71, and we can proudly say that we rank among the best! We want to continue on this path and further improve our operations, so we hope to hear your feedback, wishes, and suggestions for improvement in the future. Thank you for your continued support!

5 steps to effective soft skills learning!

Effective soft skills development requires long-term commitment and continuous processes. Going from words to actions at the individual, team, and organizational levels requires reflection, facilitation, and joint discussions.

Our 5 steps of success are based on our FUSE™ -learning model that combines different learning methods and views depending on the organizations learning culture and needs. The ability to perceive the most important developmental objectives and find the factors increasing effectiveness is at the heart of FUSE™. We support our customers at every point of development and help you achieve change.

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Over 200 organizations develop soft skills with us 

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Academy of Brain will change your mind!


Itseohjautuvuus edellyttää yhä parempia ihmistaitoja

Itseohjautuvuus on työelämässä yhä tärkeämpää. Työn painopiste muuttuu: vuorovaikutteisen, vaativan aivotyön osuus kaikesta ihmisten tekemästä työstä kasvaa. Itseohjautuvan organisaation sisällä ei kulje perinteistä komentoketjua.
Lataa oppaamme ja lue lisää aiheesta.


Our Publications

Our latest news, events, blogs and guides

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Soft skills tutorial pricing

Our soft skills content is available to be purchased directly to an organization’s own platform or as a license based subscription to Academy of Brain e-learning environment.


Academy of Brain is currently the number one in the open domestic content market.

Antti Salmi

Excellent contentcustomer experience and service from sales to trackingThank you very much!

Terhi Aaltonen-Ogbeide

We selected Academy of Brain content into our course selection as the content is current and also strengthens future work-life skills.

Jenni Ahlblad

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