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Academy of Brain team

For humane working life

Academy of Brain

Academy of Brain produces soft skills e-learning content based on academic and professsional research. We future-proof our customers by creating content that is based on proven science that will increase the intellectual, human and financial value of your company. A knowledgeable employee is a powerful asset.

We work as a team for humane working life.

Team of Experts

Our team of experts ensures that our soft skills tutorials are based on researched knowledge and strong expertise.

Ville Ojanen

Co-founder, Team of experts (Chief Psychologist)

Minna Huotilainen

Team of experts (Neuroscientist & University Professor)

Jarmo Manner

team of experts (Upper management coach)

Production and Customer Team

Learning Success Managers ensure that our clients get the maximum benefit from the soft skills content. LSM-team is also responsible for the design of the tutorials and the quality of microlearning.

Iines Vuorjoki


Samuel Moawad


Learning Consultant and Partnership Team

Learning consultants assist organizations in selecting suitable tutorials and designing learning solutions.

Our partnership operations enable our mission of advancing humane working life globally.

Hanna Puharinen

Learning consultant

Ville-Mikko Leisti

Partner channel manager, Learning Consultant

Toni Toivanen

CEO, Partner channel

Janne Nieminen

Sales & MArketing director


Laura Koponen


Petri Lehmuskoski


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