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Academy of Brain library has expanded considerably and the testing of our content has become a bit more complex. According to our research, testing processes tend to end because of lack of time. To save your precious time we have upgraded testing to facilitate even quicker and clearer view into our content. We are happy to introduce our new testing process!

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Renewed testing process

Order a test license  
We will contact you shortly: Let’s schedule a free learning design meeting and a testing period
Start of the testing period
Learning design meeting: let’s make a list of the content that meets your organizations needs and goals
Testing process continues – now you can dive fast into the the content uncovered in the learning design meeting
Sparring: Our experts will support your testing with needed resources such as additional meetings, emails and calls. 

Four benefits of the learning design meeting

  1. Save precious time: 

    Shorten the time needed for mapping the content and deciding what to test.

  2. Keep focused on your goals:

    Determine your needs and goals in order to focus on the most important developmental tasks.

  3. Lock into the content that will get things done:

    Let’s pinpoint content that will help you meet your goals.

  4. Get an proposition document:

    We will make an proposition document that you can use as a base for presenting our learning offer to your HR-team and executive team.

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Now it’s time to test the Future Worklife Skills library

With the testing license you can test the future worklife skills library for up to 12 weeks. You will gain access to over 70 courses, hundreds of videos and plenty of exercises.

After the testing phase, you can either purchase our content to your organization’s own learning platform or you can buy licenses to the Academy of Brain’s platform.

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Our 2021 Net Promoter Score was 71!

The success of our customers is paramount to us, which is why we regularly measure customer satisfaction. We value our customers’ feedback and continuously develop our service. The average NPS of companies in our industry was 37 last year, making Academy of Brain one of the best companies in the comparison.