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Quarterly Production - Soft Skills for Change in the Workplace

The ability to adapt and act effectively in times of change is an essential skill in today’s rapidly changing work environment. Soft skills suited for change situations enable efficient responses and flexible adaptation to new challenges and opportunities from both an individual and organizational perspective.

We launched a new quarterly soft skills production model to respond quickly to changes in the workplace. Our first quarterly production is ready, and we are pleased to introduce Soft Skills for Change in the Workplace. The content has been produced using the Flash Learning model: approximately five minutes in length, concise, clear, and encouraging reflection.

Six soft skills tutorials for change in the workplace

The learning content guides the learner towards comprehensive reflection and implementation in practice. All content is suitable for both self-directed learning and collaborative learning.

Available for following platforms:

Available immediately in Finnish and English. Swedish versions will be available in Q2.

Two Challenges with Change

This video discusses the two main challenges with change and overcoming the challenge of change.

Change Dialogue – How to Talk about Changes?

This video gives great points on how to talk about changes and teach the 3 C’s of change dialogue and how to use them in practice.

Why Change Resistance Is a Good Thing?

Uncover strategies for embracing change effectively and learn how to channel emotions and thoughts and communicate them.

Change – a New Beginning or a Bitter Loss?

The video explores the three stages of navigating change: say farewell to the old, embrace the new, and navigate the uncertainty.

Five Tips for Managing Changes

Managers have an essential role in how a change is managed and how it succeed. Tune in and hear our five tips for managing change effectively. 

Everything Is Changing – How to Adapt?

Explore the dynamic duo of resilience and antifragility – the essential components of adaptability.

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