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Quarterly Soft Skills Production

The world is changing faster than ever, and the Academy of Brain is changing along with it. We revamped our soft skills production model to be quarterly-based. Our quarterly soft skills production has two main principles: only researched knowledge and authentic micro-learning.

How we choose our soft skills topics and sources

We select topics based on information gathered from customer interactions, customer surveys, and workplace research. We continuously reflect on the development of the working life both in Finland and globally.

The world is full of information from various media and sources. In our production, we sift through this information by conducting comprehensive reviews of academic and professional research.

“In our revamped soft skills training production, we take into account not only the unique characteristics of learning soft skills but also the fact that learning content can now be used not only on learning platforms but also on intranets. This enhances the learning of our customers’ personnel and expands the customer base to include those who do not have their own learning platform.” – Toni Toivanen, CEO

How we produce

Our team of experts and Learning Success Management team together conduct a review of the research. Then the research information is condensed into concise scripts in multiple stages of the scripting phase.

The scripts are produced into videos according to our Flash Learning model: approximately five minutes in length, concise, clear, and encouraging reflection. These videos are suitable for both individual learning and collaborative learning. The learning is put into practice through self- and group reflection points provided in the content.

“At the core of learning soft skills is high-quality, research-based content that stimulates collaborative discussion and personal reflection. Over the years, at the forefront of soft skills learning, we have developed a method for producing content that optimally addresses the challenges of learning today’s workplace skills. – Ville Ojanen, leading psychologist (Team of Experts)

In the final stage, the content is translated into multiple languages and harmonized with each other. This ensures the consistency and usability of the learnings in multilingual organizations.

Throughout this entire process, our team of experts acts as the guarantor of quality.

“The new, more agile soft skills production model enables us to quickly address current and desired themes. The idea of content related to change emerged just a few months ago, so it’s great that we can already offer the content! As we get up to speed with this quarterly production, we can further accelerate production in the future and create content on current and desired themes even faster” – Iines Vuorjoki, Learning Success Manager

The first quarterly soft skills production focuses on change

The first quarterly soft skills production focuses on change. Effective adaptation and action in times of change are invaluable skills in today’s rapidly evolving workplace. With these skills, individuals and organizations can quickly and flexibly respond to new challenges and opportunities.

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Our first quarterly soft skills production deals with change

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