eLearning Industry published Academy of Brain’s article about sustainable learning - Academy of Brain

eLearning Industry published Academy of Brain’s article about sustainable learning 

A leading publishing platform for eLearning professionals, eLearning Industry, has published an article by Academy of Brain discussing sustainable workplace learning. The article is written by Ville Ojanen, Academy of Brain´s lead psychologist and Soila Lemmetty, PhD and Researcher from University of Jyväskylä. The article adresses sustainability in workplace learning, which is increasingly important for future success in working life. 

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It´s great to exchange ideas and knowledge with other learning professionals from around the world. Sustainability is a term that is not often enough discussed in the context of learning. When planning learning interventions for large groups, it is very important to draw attention to sustainable learning and scalable, efficient learning methods, Ojanen points out. 

Soft skills enhance sustainable learning 

Although workplace learning has been mostly seen as a positive phenomenon, Ojanen and Lemmetty have concerns regarding it´s sustainability from the point of view of well-being, continuity, and efficiency. 

In the article, Lemmetty and Ojanen point out that soft skills learning can greatly enhance the sustainability of workplace learning. They see that the continuous learning of skills such as empathy, self-awareness, communication, and creativity has become increasingly valuable and important for future success. These “soft skills” or “human skills” can be seen as meta-skills and as necessary prerequisites for the continuous development of expertise and substance skills that change rapidly with changes in industries and work. 

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