ELearning Industry published Academy of Brain’s article about measuring the effects of online soft skills trainings - Academy of Brain
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Revolutionizing The Measurement Of Online Soft Skills Training Effects: The Effect Chains

ELearning Industry, a leading publishing platform for eLearning professionals, has published another Academy of Brain article discussing the measuring of the effects of online soft skills trainings. The article was written by Erika Ojanperä, Academy of Brain’s Product & Operations Manager, who performed a study on the effects of online soft skills training effects. The article presents a novel way of measuring the effects by using effect chains.  

The importance of future-proofing organizations and developing their human skills has brought soft skills trainings into the spotlight during the recent years. However, the studies on the benefits and effects of those trainings have been very limited due to the complex nature of the topic. In this article, Ojanperä sheds a light on the new method of measuring the great benefits of the online soft skills trainings. She also emphasizes that one of the greatest benefits of soft skills trainings is that they improve both your work wellbeing and personal wellbeing, which directly impact on each other.  


The importance of engaging employees in soft skills training has increased in modern work life. But how can we measure if the trainings are actually effective? We argue that the effects of online soft skills trainings present and can be measured through effect chains. 

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