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Circumstances can be difficult to change, but you can always change your mind. At the heart of self-development is self-reflection – the ability to stop and ask essential questions from yourself. How can you develop your own thinking, how do you deal with everyday conflicts and take responsibility for your actions as a supervisor or a team member? We are now developing skills that will be useful in your daily life – both in everyday life and at work. 

These online trainings develop your wellbeing, leadership skills, self-leadership skills, and other essential work-life skills. The focus is on developing your psychological skills (soft skills).

The best thing about online trainings is that you can choose the time and place for your own development – the service is mobile friendly! Hundreds of videos and exercises are at your fingertips just when you have the best time to study! It’s almost like Netflix, HBO, or Yle Areena!

The online trainings are based on scientific research, expertise and years of practical experience. Academy of Brain’s advisory board ensures the quality of the tutorials creating the best learning experience for you! The board consists of three members: Psychologist Ph.D. Ville Ojanen, Leadership coach Jarmo Manner and Professor of Educational Sciences, Minna Huotilainen.

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