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Soft Skills in Swedish

Soft skills in Swedish – We have already released our micro-learning library in Swedish. Our entire soft skills library will be available in Swedish during 2024. 

Soft skills in Swedish as a convenient micro-learning library

Give your employees the opportunity to develop their soft skills seamlessly in their preferred language. The micro-learning library for soft skills enables the development of leadership, self-management, recovery, communication, collaboration, and mindset skills in multiple languages.

Micro-Learning Library in Swedish:

  • Over 50 micro-learnings – approximately five-minute long videos

  • Consistent with the Finnish and English versions

  • Easy to utilize in multilingual organizations

  • Enables collaborative learning in multilingual organizations

  • Includes Learning Success Management support for utilization.

Available on the following platforms:

  • Sharepoint -intranets
  • All learning platforms.

Did you know about our mission – For a Humane Working Life

With the addition of a new language version, we took another important step towards our mission: for a Humane Working Life. To achieve this mission, we develop solutions that increase the accessibility of our tutorials, such as different language versions and content designs suitable for the tools that we use daily at work. These include for example soft skills content suitable for intranets and instant messaging platforms.

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