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Intranet partnerships are on the rise as intranet providers are highly interested in offering their customers additional value by providing microlearning soft skills content. This builds on our previous partnership channel success with learning platform providers. The response from intra providers, in the Finnish and global markets, has been nothing short of remarkable.

Finnish Intranet Partnerships: Local Recognition Fuels Growth 

In Finland, we have witnessed an incredible build-up of intranet partnerships with system providers eager to integrate our soft skills microlearning tutorials into their offering. The recognition within the Finnish market is a testament to the relevance and effectiveness of our bite-sized, impactful soft skills content.

“We are thrilled to see such strong interest from Finnish intra providers. Build-up of intranet partnerships is essential for our mission and purpose. At the core of our mission lies a commitment to empower individuals and organizations, equipping them with the essential skills to flourish in the ever-evolving and interconnected landscape. The ever-increasing enthusiasm emanating from intra providers harmonizes seamlessly with our vision, enabling us to extend our influence to a broader spectrum of learners and catalyze a profound impact on their journey of personal and professional advancement ” said Toni, CEO of Academy of Brain.

Global Interest: A Resounding Impact on the World Stage 

Simultaneously, the global response has exceeded our expectations, with intra providers from multiple countries expressing keen interest in our microlearning offerings. This widespread recognition underscores the universal applicability of soft skills development and positions Academy of Brain as competing for the title of the global leader of intra and learning platform compliant soft skills content.

“Our vision has always been to empower individuals and organizations worldwide with accessible, effective, and engaging learning solutions. Intranets provide an unrivalled accessibility in both their prevalence and ease of access. The interest from global intra providers validates the global need for flexible and impactful microlearning content,” added Toni.

Strategic Intranet Partnerships: Shaping the Future of Soft Skills Learning

With intranet partnerships, we aim to create a dynamic network where intra providers can seamlessly integrate our soft skills microlearning tutorials into their offering. This collaborative approach empowers their customers to enhance the professional development of their teams in a manner that is both efficient and tailored to their specific needs. 

As we continue to engage with intra providers and foster these strategic collaborations, Academy of Brain remains committed to delivering innovative and impactful microlearning solutions that can be used in learning platforms and intranets. Our tutorials cover a spectrum of critical soft skills, including communication, time management, leadership, and more, ensuring that personnel can acquire and apply essential skills in their day-to-day work. 

Looking Ahead: A Global Movement in Soft Skills Development 

The overwhelming interest for intranet partnerships marks a significant milestone in our journey to make high-quality soft skills microlearning accessible to organizations of all sizes. As we navigate this exciting phase, stay tuned for announcements of new partnerships and initiatives that will further amplify the reach and impact of our microlearning tutorials on a global scale. 

Together with our valued partners, Academy of Brain is contributing to a future where every individual, regardless of location, can unlock their full potential through efficient and targeted soft skills development. The journey continues, and the possibilities are boundless. 

“Embark on a global journey of empowering minds! If you’re a prospective reseller with a passion for transformative soft skills learning, join forces with us to shape a future of perpetual growth. Reach out today, and together, let’s forge a collaboration to unlock untapped potential. By partnering with us, you not only contribute to meaningful impact but also open doors to lucrative financial rewards.” – Toni, CEO

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