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Hi! Talentia is presenting you with a unique opportunity to get a year’s membership of Academy of Brain’s online trainings for EUR 19 (list price EUR 129). Get your license by filling out the form below. You have received a code from Talentia to get a membership at a discounted price.

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As a member, you can access online trainings to improve your work and daily lives; as a total 250 videos and exercises in English. The training content is designed to support your well-being and develop new skills on topics like self-leadership and resilience. Your credentials are personal, and any information will be kept strictly confidential.

The trainings provide support in coping with psychosocial stress, developing pressure tolerance, well-being at work, overcoming the rush, time management and constructive interaction, among other things.

The Academy of Brain’s content is based on behavioural science research and years of practical experience. The Academy of Brain has assembled a dedicated team of experts to ensure that the content of the online training is based on strong expertise and scientific research. The Academy of Brain’s expert team consists of:

  • Minna Huotilainen, Professor of Education at the University of Helsinki
  • Ville Ojanen, PhD Psychologist in Brain Research
  • Jarmo Manner, senior management coach, organisational consultant

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