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Improve the quality of your life – don’t give in to headaches!

Coming in English this fall!

We offer a six-module course with tangible effects on your well-being.  This training is useful for everyone with recurring headaches. The online training is an affordable, flexible, and efficient way of reducing headaches.

Coach Markku Nissilä is a neurologist who specializes in headaches. He was one of the founders of the Turku Headache Center in 1992 and is the only Finnish person who has participated in the Headache Master training program. Markku has extensive experience with clinical research for developing new medicines for the treatment of headaches. Markku is especially interested in developing a treatment for chronic migraines.

The training includes:
Training objective:
  • Fewer headache days – better quality of life;
  • More quality time at work and home – more time for everything except suffering in pain
  • Savings on medicines
  • Savings on doctor’s visits
  • Understanding your condition better and recognizing preliminary symptoms
  • Learning how to prevent and treat headaches
  • A happier you.
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