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Does your company have an in-house online learning environment? Would you like some additional content?

Academy of Brain’s Soft Skills online trainings can be transferred to various learning environments. Our content is produced by top experts and includes online trainings, webinars, quick fixes and podcasts on multiple subjects such as resilience, recovery skills, focusing skills, interaction skills, coaching leadership, high performing teams, conflict resolution, feedback and time management.

Your company can order individual trainings or content as a service to get access to all of the content produced by Academy of Brain, including several new publications every year. The service model keeps your learning environment constantly updated and creates an exciting learning space for your personnel.

User feedback of our content:

“Clear and easily implementable ideas that take into account the possible risks in applying the advice. Now I just need to practice these in daily life. I’m impressed.” – from the Time Management online training

“The training was practical to the best extent. The trainer was really good and qualified for this specific training.” – from the Practical Mindfulness online training

“Thanks to this training I have started to evaluate and observe my own behavior much more than before. The training gave many ideas for being a better manager.” – from the Better Feedback online training

“I think this training was superb. Many exercises challenged me to reflect. The trainer was very focused and pleasant to listen to.” – from the Developing Resilience online training

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    Some examples of our online trainings:


    Improve Your Resilience
    This course presents the seven areas of resilience, which you get to practice one-by-one. Read more!

    Time Management

    This mini-course brings efficiency and structure to your daily life by offering concrete tools for time-management. Read more!


    Develop a Growth Mindset

    This course develops your mindset and widens your view. Read more!

    Psychological Stress and Well-being

    Control Your Headaches

    This course gives knowledge on headaches, diagnoses, and treatment information, provided by a top neurologist. Read more!

    Laihduttamisen psykologia 1920

    The Psychology of Weight-loss

    This course guides you towards value-based actions, through self-compassion and consciousness. Read more!


    Improve Your Recovery Skills

    In this course, you will learn to recover from work stress efficiently. Read more!

    Interaction and Management Skills

    Understanding Personality Types at Work

    This course deepens your knowledge of different personalities at work. Read more!


    How to Solve Conflicts

    This course teaches you three new ways of interacting when solving a conflict. Read more!


    Present in Interaction

    This course presents five keys for constructive interaction. Read more!

    These and many more – contact us!



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