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Academy of Brain provides online trainings for your staff as a Netflix-like service. Each participant receives a license for all of our materials for 12 months – prices beginning at 29 EUR per person. For more information, contact

Our service provides your staff with a wide range of expertise, covering areas such as well-being, self-leadership, and work-life skills.

Users can decide when and where to learn! Whether it is in the metro, during a coffee break, or at the gym!

The Netflix of online learning

We provide full service for our clients, from launch to communication, to reporting. Our services consist of:

User feedback from our learning environment:

“Clear and easily implementable ideas with possible risks in applying the advice were taken into account. Now I just need to begin practicing these in my daily life. I’m impressed.” – from the Time Management online training

“The training was practical to the best extent. The trainer was really good and qualified for this specific training.” – from the Practical Mindfulness online training

“Thanks to this training, I have started to evaluate and observe my own behavior much more than before. The training gave many ideas for being a better manager.” – from the Better Feedback online training

“I think this training was superb. Many tasks challenged me to do independent thinking. The trainer was very focused and pleasant to listen to.” – from the Developing Resilience online training


Would you like to take a look at our trainings? As an HR decision-maker, we will provide you free access to all of our online trainings. Fill out the attached form to begin.

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    Some examples of our online trainings:


    Developing Resilience

    This training discusses the seven areas of resilience that we start developing one by one. Read more!

    Time Management

    This training clarifies and enhances daily activities by providing great tools for time management. Read more!


    Develop a Mindset for Growth

    This training inspires new ideas and the development of an individual mindset. Read more!

    Psychological Stress and Well-being


    Managing Headaches

    This training is provided by a top neurologist who explains headaches, how they are diagnosed, and how they should be treated. Read more!

    Psychology of Weight Loss 1920

    Psychology of Weight Control

    This training guides towards value-based actions through self-compassion and mindfulness skills. Read more!


    Improve Your Recovery Skills

    This training teaches you to recover from the stress caused by knowledge-work efficiently. Read more!

    Interaction and Management Skills


    Understanding Personalities at Work

    This training takes a closer look at personality, specifically from the working life perspective. Read more!


    Conflict Resolution

    This training provides three new discussion methods for conflict resolution. Read more!


    Present in Interaction

    This training provides five keys to constructive interaction. Read more!

    These and many more – don’t hesitate to contact us!
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