Develop a Growth Mindset!

Coming in English this fall!

Superior results, good decisions, and great new perspectives are all based on our brain and the ability to think of things in new ways.

This training develops your mindset; you’ll see the benefits instantly.

Trainers Makke Leppänen and Jukka Sundberg from Mindset Academy are top experts in mindset development. They have years of experience as corporate and athletic coaches. Makke and Jukka have been Finnish pioneers in the strategic application and development of attitudes and mindsets.

Training structure:
Module 1: Introduction
  • Mindset elements
  • Mindset vs. attitude
  • Pathway for developing a mindset
  • Exposure
Module 2: Essential elements impacting our thinking
  • Ego v. challenge orientation in thinking
  • Developing and performing approaches in organizations
Module 3: Relationship to your own abilities – attitude for growth
  • Experience of own abilities
  • Experience the abilities of yourself and others in organizations
Module 4: Goal orientation and perfectionism, and their various forms
  • Flexible perfectionism
  • Harmful perfectionism
  • What can you do in practice?
Module 5: Optimism and curiosity
  • Optimism, optimism bias, pessimism, realistic optimism
  • Curiosity
Module 6: Feedback culture of growth
  • Growth Feedback culture in organization, sport, and raising children