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Well hello there, Siili! Continuous learning is vital to us siilis, and when it comes to well-being, we want to give you all the tools possible.

All siilis are now offered a year’s membership of the Academy of Brain online training – now is your chance to train your brain!

As a member, you can access online trainings on topics such as well-being, self-management, and work-life skills. Academy of Brain’s online trainings include videos, exercises, surveys, and text content. Learn online on your own schedule!

The online trainings are based on scientific research, expertise and years of practical experience. Academy of Brain’s advisory board ensures the quality of the tutorials creating the best learning experience for you! The board consists of three members: Psychologist Ph.D. Ville Ojanen, Leadership coach Jarmo Manner and Professor of Educational Sciences, Minna Huotilainen.

FORWARD – Support for Your everyday life and remote work

We want to provide an online training learning track to support your wellbeing in the midst of a revolutionary everyday life caused by the Corona virus. In this learning track you will be able to improve your sleep, recovery, everyday mind skills, resilience and digital interaction skills.

Let’s Train your Brain – Join the Siili BrainTrain!

Purchase your membership here. The membership is non-binding and will be automatically deactivated after 12 months.

Enter the discount code you got from Siili, and you will get a free membership!

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