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The Psychology of Weight Management – learn to manage your weight in a pleasant way!

Coming in English this fall!

This training is for those who have tried to lose weight, are critical of their body, or perceive weight management as stressful. Whether your objective is to lose weight or not, the training will give you psychological skills that will be useful throughout your life. This training will provide a new perspective on weight management, but also on your life and especially on your mind.

The program is based on the methods of adoption and commitment therapy as well as researched information on eating behavior and weight management. The training teaches psychological skills, such as:

The training does not include information on nutrition and does not provide instructions for selecting your diet. You most likely already have this information. We know well enough that information on how we should eat or exercise alone is not sufficient for change. This program looks for ways to utilize this information better.

Therefore, the objective is not to give you more information but to teach new methods through practice and experience. The training includes many exercises and motivates you to try new things. The exercises help you learn about your own behavior and the human mind in general. Trying new things may lead to something that works for you.

The program is a separate entity with each section supporting the others. Some sections may seem confusing, but the following sections will help understand and use the learned skills. The goal is to change how you see your own thoughts, emotions, bodily sensations, memories, and desires. Instead of changing these internal experiences, you can focus on living a pleasant and full life with them. The program helps you clarify how you want to act in different areas of life. At the same time, you develop skills for facing challenges coming from adopting new methods and weight management.

Training structure:
Module 1: Introduction and mindfulness
Module 2: Conscious eating
Module 3: Self-compassion
Module 4: Values
Module 5: Thoughts
Module 6: Caring and Willingness
Module 7: Summary
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