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We provide lectures and trainings to suit the requirements of an ever-changing working life. Lectures, trainings, and webinars aim at developing employees’ psychological skills – the so-called soft skills.

Our trainers include Ph.D., psychologist Ville Ojanen, psychologist Tony Dunderfelt, psychologist Ilona Rauhala, and management consultant Jarmo Manner.

We offer the most important subjects for a changing working life:

  1. Self-leadership – New work requires new skills

Today, employees have more freedom and responsibility. Work is more independent, individual, and project-oriented. Tasks move from fixed work communities to changing networks. The focus is shifting towards the management of our work, skills, and abilities in changing situations.

Subjects include: Responsibility, focusing skills, meaningfulness, mindset, creativity, continuous learning

  1. Interaction – Productivity and competitiveness is promoted by better collaboration

The most important skills of a changing working life are collaboration and networking. Open discussions and trust have a growing impact on productivity.

Subjects include: Effective use of brain, coaching leadership, interaction skills, synergy, personality, and motivation

  1. Psychological stress – Maintaining your ability to work

As work stress is more focused on mental resiliency, we must learn to identify our stress levels and know how to mitigate stress. 

Subjects include: Psychological safety, brain recovery, resilience

Here is a list of all of our trainings that will be available in English this fall:

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