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This online training focuses on supporting others to grow and achieve their potential!

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Studies show that coaching leadership is important, as it boosts the organization’s productivity as well as the well-being of individuals. Efficiency and productivity increase, and people become more energized and committed. When we have every brain working, the manager has an easier job!

This course concentrates on the practical methods of coaching leadership. The question is, “How to keep the ship moving?” – how employees operate and come up with new ways to work.

To achieve common objectives, it is crucial for you to discuss work, roles, and responsibilities within the team. This training presents a basic model for coaching discussions and provides example questions that have been proven to be beneficial in supporting the discussion.

A coaching mind focuses on what works, seeks new opportunities, sparks curiosity, and avoids getting stuck in the past, leaving inefficient habits behind.

This training is provided by management coach Jarmo Manner and psychologist Ville Ojanen.

Training structure:
Module 1: What is coaching leadership
  1. Leadership styles and a coaching approach
  2. Basic principles of coaching
Module 2: Coaching discussions
  1. Basic model for a coaching discussion – focus
  2. Basic model for a coaching discussion – questions
Module 3: Prerequisites and functional practices
  1. Prerequisites for coaching leadership
  2. Situational awareness
  3. Practical methods

“Today’s essential managerial tools in a compact package. Specific advice for a coaching discussion. This will be useful. Thank you!” – user feedback 02/2019 

You are warmly welcome!

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