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Press release 30th of January 2019

E-learning company Academy of Brain is expanding internationally. Innovation consultancy company Spinverse and venture capital fund Gorilla Capital invest in the company which was previously owned by its management. Two new members join Academy of Brain’s board – Pii Kotilainen who has worked as an HR manager in several large corporations (Nokia, Outokumpu, Huhtamäki) and a representative from Spinverse.

“We have observed the international education market and seen that the situation is very similar to Finland. When it comes to learning, people need personalization and flexibility. The world is lacking high-quality trainings that responds to these needs, so we are expanding internationally,” states CEO Toni Toivanen from Academy of Brain.

“Robotization and artificial intelligence are creating changes in our working lives. Humans can compete against the machines with better interpersonal skills, which is why these skills need to be constantly developed,”, founder and chairman of the board at Spinverse, Pekka Korponen.

Academy of Brain trainings has proven of interest to Finnish corporations who are going through changes or rapidly automating their activities. The role of employees and their required skills are changing.

“We are going through an enormous change where people need new types of skills for leadership, motivation, and stress management. Academy of Brain’s trainings are at their best level ever. This is the right time to support them in expanding to international markets”, states Petri Lehmuskoski from Gorilla Capital.

Academy of Brain focuses on online trainings. Online trainings are becoming more common as participating in these is more flexible and cost-efficient when compared to traditional classroom lessons. Participants can choose the time and place suitable for them.

“People are happy to use their time for something interesting and developing, for example, on podcasts, audio-books, and online trainings. Traditional classroom education is significantly less exciting,” Toivanen explains.

Academy of Brain will produce new materials in both Finnish and English.

“We start with English as it is the market with the greatest need for our services. English versions allow us to reach a large share of our target audience,” states Toivanen.

Academy of Brain develops working life soft skills with online trainings. The company’s trainings give participants tools for better focusing and recovering. They improve people’s interaction and management skills, as well as their way of handling pressure. Academy of Brain’s experts combine brain studies, psychology, and management studies to create interdisciplinary educational material. Academy of Brain’s clients includes leading companies from various fields, universities, and vocational higher education institutions.



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