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A leader’s toolbox for discussing difficult situations

Coming in English this August!

Conflicts in organizations often appear beyond our comprehension. They take up much time, money, and energy. This course is built on research from Harvard University, and it focuses on the question of efficient conflict resolution. Jarmo Manner, an expert in training Finnish corporate leaders, will guide you towards entirely new perspectives on conflict resolution and will introduce three new methods of discussion.

Training structure:
Module 1: Four doors to conflict resolution
Module 2: First door: Objective and truth discussions – whose truth is the right truth?
Module 3: Second door: Discussing emotions – how to manage emerging emotions?
Module 4: Third door: Discussing contribution – what are the parties contributing?
Module 5: Fourth door: Situational awareness – what is the influence of the surroundings?
Module 6: Using all four doors together


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