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We are glad to announce a deepening partnership between Academy of Brain and Studytube, a leading Dutch Saas Learning Experience platform. Since 2018 Studytube has provided us a superb Learning Management System for our science based soft skill online tutorials.

Studytube’s authoring tool allows us to create pedagogically valid courses that include video material, exercises, text, audio and other support materials. Their reliable and modern platform gives us the possibility to focus on:

Course selection:

We have created and continue to expand our extensive soft skills resource for knowledge workers, supervisors and other interaction based duties.

An accompanying consulting service:

We help our customers to tie our soft skills online tutorials to their organisations learning processes and methods. This helps to broaden the use of courses from individual level to teams and larger target groups within organisations.


More bang for the buck (or euro)! We strive to help our customers to activate and more efficiently develop soft skills of their workers.

Soft Skills

In September 2020 our soft skills offering launched in the Netherlands. Now nearly 30 Dutch companies are using Academy of Brain online courses. To celebrate our deepening partnership, we interviewed Studytube’s CEO Homam Karimi.

“We are really proud that we are the only Dutch company to be able to offer Academy of Brain training courses,” adds Karimi. “Their scientific basis and approach make them not only extremely valuable, but also unique in the learning landscape. In times of Covid-19, it is also more important than ever to pay attention to soft skills and mental well-being, and Academy of Brain really has the perfect tools for that.”

We also touched on the subject of the top three Soft Skills of Studytube. Homam highlighted the following:

  1. Listening: “Our core DNA is that we listen to our customers.”

  2. Connecting: “Our platform is a scalable way to connect professionals with trainers and educational content. The larger the platform, the broader our community and the connections we enable.”

  3. Sharing: “The Learn Together Academy is one example of how we just try to make a difference in people’s lives, to help people grow and improve their situation.”

In addition to the 19 exclusive training courses on the Studytube platform, more courses are in production:

Coaching Individuals and Teams to Succeed
Facilitating Skills
Learn to Learn
The #1 SaaS Learning Experience platform in the Netherlands

Studytube was founded in 2010 as a solution to help organizations realize the full potential of their workforce simplifying the end-to-end learning process. Their SaaS learning platform allows clients to manage corporate Learning & Development (L&D) operations in one cloud-based system. The system includes a Learning Management System, Online Academy, Training Library, Authoring Tool, and Digital Training Assistant.

Organizations adopting Studytube can track their L&D goals on all levels of the company in one single system of record, provide employees with a broad offer for professional development, including company-specific and third party content, managing the full procurement to pay process of external training through the platform. Studytube’s platform empowers you to become a future proof learning organisation.
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