Improve Your Recovery Skills

More energy with better recovery skills!

Coming soon in English!

Brain recovery skills are based on sleep, nutrition, and exercise. In addition to these, your recovery is also affected by mental energy, which makes up more than half of your total energy.

The challenge of the digital age is how to manage this mental energy: identifying leaks and blocking them, finding methods to load and discharge energy, and protecting yourself from overloads and addictions.

The recovery skills training looks at what makes up our brain’s total energy and how can we influence it ourselves. The coach, Ville Ojanen, is a brain psychologist who wrote his thesis on brain studies.

Training structure:
Module 1: Introduction
  • Improve your recovery skills
Module 2: Five Aspects of Mental Recovery
  • Five recovery experiences
  • Encounters
  • Engagement
  • Meaningfulness
  • Sense of Achievement
  • Pleasure
Module 3: Physical Recovery
  • Physical recovery
Module 4: Summary
  • Top learnings