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How can you make your job more enjoyable?

Coming in English this fall!

Meaningful experiences are a central motivator for human life. At work, the meaningful experience regarding our own work is often lost in the fast pace and the depths of ever-expanding organizations.

PIMP MY JOB – online training is meant for you if you want an additional boost for work motivation and are looking for more meaning in your job. This training provides practical tools and a pinch of theory of fine-tuning your job into something more enjoyable.

The practical training looks at the personal, team-level, and organizational motivators and considers the essential turn-on and turn-off factors for motivation in your job and work community. This training helps you recover your already lost work motivation or boosts your existing drive even further. The training includes video lectures, text material, and exercises, which all form an extensive ensemble.

Trainer Jaakko Sahimaa is a work community coach, working life researcher, and the founder of Better Work Consulting. Jaakko dreams of impacting the Finnish working life on a full scale and with efficient methods; to make it more meaningful and enjoyable. To achieve this dream, Jaakko studies, coaches, and educates both individuals and organizations from the perspective of meaningful experiences and meaningful management. Meaningful management and talking about meaningfulness is an emerging trend in the future working life. https://vimeo.com/202027243

Training structure:
Module 1: My job – what do I do, know, want?
  • Self-knowledge, values, and skills
  • Personal motivators
Module 2: Our common working place – “There is no me, just us”
  • Work community supporting meaningfulness
  • Leadership and management at my workplace
Module 3: Do a meaningful job!
  • My job description and tasks
  • What are the objectives of my work?
Module 4: Common good – my work as part of the whole
  • Me and the mission of my workplace
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of my work
Module 5: BIG PICTURE – how is work-life developing?
  • Why is meaningful work important?
  • From an experience economy to an economy of meaningfulness?
Module 6: Management of meaning
  • What’s the supervisor’s role in creating meaning?
  • How are motivation and meaning managed?
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