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AOB –  FUSE™ Customer Success Management

– because every learning culture is unique

What do offer? Why us?

What do we offer?

Psychological work-life skill course content for your personnel, according to academic research. In addition, we will help your organization to meet your strategic needs with microlearning, customized learning tracks, and facilitation solutions.

Why us?

We have decades of experience in human resource development combined with specialization in creating lean L&D solutions for individuals, teams, and larger target groups.

For who?

Organizations that value professional human resource development and academic research. For companies that have a passion for tackling today’s challenges and ensure future-proofing through developing human skills.

5 askelta onnistumiseen

5 steps to success!

Effective psychological worklife skill development requires long-term commitment and continuous processes. Going from words to actions at the individual, team, and organizational levels requires reflection, facilitation, and joint discussions.

Our 5 steps of success are based on our FUSE™ -learning model that combines different learning methods and views depending on the organizations learning culture and needs. The ability to perceive the most important developmental objectives and find the factors increasing effectiveness is at the heart of FUSE™. We support our customers at every point of development and help you achieve change.

How do we succeed together?

Our recipe of success combines continuous learning, interactive communication, collaborative learning tracks, tracking of effectiveness, and making success visible.

Initial assessment
Brainstorming & development plan
Communication plan
Tracking success
Annual summary – What did we achieve & how do we proceed?

Muuta mieltäsi

Academy of Brain muuttaa mielesi käyttäytymistieteelliseen tutkimukseen perustuvien valmennusten avulla. Verkkovalmennukset kehittävät tärkeimpiä työelämätaitoja, hyvinvointia ja itsensä johtamista. Opit palautumaan ja keskittymään sekä parannat vuorovaikutustaitoja, johtamista ja tapaa toimia määrätietoisesti paineen alla. Sisällöt keskittyvät psykologisten taitojen (soft skills) kehittämiseen. Tässä muutamia esimerkkejä sisällöistämme, jotka ovat kaikki palvelussa käytössäsi:


  • Aikuisen unikoulu
  • Paranna palautumistaitoja
  • Käytännön mindfulnessia
  • Arjen mielenhallinta
  • Painonhallinnan psykologia

Itsensä johtaminen

  • Ajankäytön hallinta
  • Keskittymiskyvyn ABC
  • Muutos haltuun – Kehitä paineensietokykyä
  • Mindset


  • Parempaa palautetta
  • Näin ratkaiset konfliktit
  • Valmentava johtaminen


  • Läsnäoleva vuorovaikutus
  • Huipputiimi
  • Psykologinen turvallisuus
  • Digitaalinen vuorovaikutus ja virtuaalitiimit
  • Persoonallisuus työelämässä

1. Initial assesment

  • What do you envision?
  • What do you want to achieve?
  • What’s your learning culture? How do you learn? 
  • How does your culture support development and learning?
  • How do you measure the effectiveness of personnel development?
  • Are your supervisors and leadership committed?
  • What kind of obstacles have you recognized?

2. Brainstorming & development plan


Our customer success manager and your team will start by clarifying the objectives and designing our service to meet your needs. Your goals can include, for example:

  • Developing worklife meta-skills
  • Enhancing team interaction and atmosphere
  • Developing remote work-skills
  • Increasing self-direction
  • Developing psychological supervision skills
  • Managing psychosocial strain
  • Preventing burnout
  • Strengthening diversity
  • Creating a culture of appreciative feedback
  • Taking cultural values from words to action
  • Creating a culture of continuous learning

AOB development plan

The development plan for psychological working life skills focuses on the individual, team, task, and organizational levels. We achieve our goals with the Mind Journeys learning tracks, effective communication, and the elements of collaborative learning.

The Mind Journeys learning tracks create a campaign-like feeling of doing things together for the whole year – “This is created exactly for us.”

We have formulated best practices for learning on the job into the Mind Journeys learning tracks. The model has 15 ready-made learning tracks, from which you can choose one for each quarter. If you cannot find suitable trails, we can tailor new tracks to meet your needs.

Communication – newsletters and inspiring internal communication about the perceived benefits

The Mind Journeys learning tracks will be launched to staff with inspiring newsletters at agreed times. Each month, we will send a message to the participants once new content is added to the learning track. At the end of the learning track, the results are communicated to the staff in an inspiring way; “This many courses we attended and this kind of feedback you gave.” We also recommend sharing “colleague’s tips” in the internal communication channels, e.g., “Matthew learned these tools from the Time Management training.”

Collaborative learning increases effectiveness and creates a new kind of workplace learning culture

1. A virtual discussion on the monthly content of the Mind Journeys learning tracks

In addition to independent online learning, we recommend holding at least one joint learning session per month. Collaborative learning inspires, increases motivation, improves interaction, and opens up new ways of thinking. It also makes it easier to put the lessons learned into practice. The “AOB tutors” within your company will guide the discussion. AOB provides tutor training, and this role can be shifting. Tutors also have the task of maintaining virtual conversations and reminding and inspiring co-workers to learn online. In addition, we encourage participants to spar and share insights together with a colleague.

2. Microlearning in team meetings

Studying together can be as light and easy as watching a short video in a team meeting and discussing the thoughts that arise.

3. Learning sessions

With the tutor training we provide, anyone can facilitate a joint learning session. This is an excellent opportunity to develop your facilitation skills.

3. Communication plan 

We strongly believe that good communication is the best tool for change. Internal communication plays an essential role in creating a successful program, and we look forward to active co-operation on this matter. Therefore, we emphasize communication as a strong part of the entire life cycle of our service.

  • Launch communication

    A successful launch of the service is essential. In collaboration with you, we will create an inspiring newsletter. We aim to attract participants to their first studies by communicating the benefits they will receive. In addition, we would love to add your greetings: why do you think this program is important for your staff.

  • Newsletters

    Your staff will receive a general monthly newsletter from us where we provide information about new tutorials and the best study tips and tricks. In addition, your learning tracks will be launched in a newsletter every three months.

  • Activation 

    We provide you a material booklet filled with inspiring marketing texts. In addition, we recommend communicating the success stories and accomplishments and giving thanks to your staff for active participation.

  • Yearbook 

    After a year, we will compile all your achievements together. We report to you on activity, satisfaction, and effectiveness. This yearbook is excellent for you to share inside the house as well.

4. The path to success

Active internal dialogue is a prerequisite for success. Therefore, we support the customer holistically in tracking effectiveness and communicating successes.

We have created a success index representing the participants’ activity, perceived service effectiveness, and feedback. The success index is a simple number between 1-5 which we will track monthly. This allows us to react quickly if the index starts to decline or highlight your success. You will also be able to see how your index relates to our other customers.

Our Customer Success Manager will arrange a meeting with you at least once a quarter to review the results and agree on the following activation measures. In addition, we respond to changes in the index by providing support in both communication and learning management.

5. Summary – What we achieved and how to proceed? 

We are your everyday partner in developing work-life skills. Through long-term co-operation with our customers, we have achieved an average activity of 80%. Furthermore, the satisfaction with our service is 4.3 on a scale of 1-5. Effective learning is close to our hearts, and we are researching it with passion.

We live with the successes of our clients – big or small. According to our customer data and research, we have witnessed effects such as improved atmosphere at work, stronger psychological safety, improved energy levels, and relief from stress.

Even though the co-operation continues, it is good to look at the results and clarify what we achieved every year. You will also be pleased to present the results to the management team, colleagues, and teams inside the house.

Succeed in Developing Future Work-Life Skills – Best practices and case studies

Watch our latest webinar, where we discussed the effective development of work-life skills under the direction of our experts. Using two client case studies, we demonstrated how organizations can develop a platform for collaborative e-learning and the importance of communication as the inspiration for all learning environments.

Download to watch the webinar.
The webinar is in Finnish.

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Quick Fix-videot on suunniteltu nopeaa ja tehokasta opiskelua varten. Videot kestävät 2–10 minuuttia ja ovat erinomaista opiskeltavaa kahvitauoille, lenkilleja tiimipalavereihin.

Quick Fixit

Quick Fix-videot on suunniteltu nopeaa ja tehokasta opiskelua varten. Videot kestävät 2–10 minuuttia ja ovat erinomaista opiskeltavaa kahvitauoille, lenkilleja tiimipalavereihin.


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