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– get the most out of soft skills training

Learning Success management – 5 steps to soft skills success!

Effective soft skills development requires long-term commitment and continuous processes. Going from words to actions at the individual, team, and organizational levels requires reflection, facilitation, and joint discussions.

Our 5 steps of success are based on our FUSE™ -learning model that combines different learning methods and views depending on the organizations learning culture and needs. The ability to perceive the most important developmental objectives and find the factors increasing effectiveness is at the heart of FUSE™. We support our customers at every point of development and help you achieve change.

How do we succeed together?

Our recipe of success combines continuous learning, interactive communication, collaborative learning tracks, tracking of effectiveness, and making success visible.

Initial assessment
Brainstorming & development plan
Communication plan
Tracking success
Annual summary – What did we achieve & how do we proceed?

Muuta mieltäsi

Academy of Brain muuttaa mielesi käyttäytymistieteelliseen tutkimukseen perustuvien valmennusten avulla. Verkkovalmennukset kehittävät tärkeimpiä työelämätaitoja, hyvinvointia ja itsensä johtamista. Opit palautumaan ja keskittymään sekä parannat vuorovaikutustaitoja, johtamista ja tapaa toimia määrätietoisesti paineen alla. Sisällöt keskittyvät psykologisten taitojen (soft skills) kehittämiseen. Tässä muutamia esimerkkejä sisällöistämme, jotka ovat kaikki palvelussa käytössäsi:


  • Aikuisen unikoulu
  • Paranna palautumistaitoja
  • Käytännön mindfulnessia
  • Arjen mielenhallinta
  • Painonhallinnan psykologia

Itsensä johtaminen

  • Ajankäytön hallinta
  • Keskittymiskyvyn ABC
  • Muutos haltuun – Kehitä paineensietokykyä
  • Mindset


  • Parempaa palautetta
  • Näin ratkaiset konfliktit
  • Valmentava johtaminen


  • Läsnäoleva vuorovaikutus
  • Huipputiimi
  • Psykologinen turvallisuus
  • Digitaalinen vuorovaikutus ja virtuaalitiimit
  • Persoonallisuus työelämässä

1. Initial assesment

  • What do you envision?
  • What do you want to achieve?
  • What’s your learning culture? How do you learn? 
  • How does your culture support development and learning?
  • How do you measure the effectiveness of personnel development?
  • Are your supervisors and leadership committed?
  • What kind of obstacles have you recognized?

2. Brainstorming & development plan


Our learning success manager and your team will start by clarifying the objectives and designing our service to meet your needs. Your goals can include, for example:

  • Developing worklife meta-skills
  • Enhancing team interaction and atmosphere
  • Developing remote work-skills
  • Increasing self-direction
  • Developing psychological supervision skills
  • Managing psychosocial strain
  • Preventing burnout
  • Strengthening diversity
  • Creating a culture of appreciative feedback
  • Taking cultural values from words to action
  • Creating a culture of continuous learning

AOB development plan

The development plan for soft skills focuses on the individual, team, task, and organizational levels. We achieve our goals with customized learning tracks, effective communication, and the elements of collaborative learning.

Customized learning tracks create a campaign-like feeling of doing things together for the whole year – “This is created exactly for us.”

Our understanding of your needs and the knowledge of our complete catalogue gives us the expertise to select a solution that best suits you. We tailor learning tracks based on your strategies, values, and other requirements, ensuring they are meaningful and inspiring to pursue. Guided by these structured frameworks, your organization’s development is directed towards your desired direction.

Communication – newsletters and inspiring internal communication about the perceived benefits

The learning tracks are launched to the staff through inspiring newsletters at agreed-upon times. One content piece is added to the learning track each month, accompanied by a message to the participants. Upon completion of the learning track, the results of each track are communicated to the staff in an inspiring manner; showcasing how many learning achievements were accomplished, what verbal feedback was received, and what were our top 5 most popular training sessions. We recommend sharing ‘colleague recommends’ texts on internal communication channels as well, for example: “These are the tools Matti gained from the training to improve his time management.”

Collaborative learning increases effectiveness and creates a new kind of workplace learning culture

1. A virtual discussion on the monthly content of the learning track

In addition to independent online learning, we recommend holding at least one joint learning session per month. Collaborative learning inspires, increases motivation, improves interaction, and opens up new ways of thinking. It also makes it easier to put the lessons learned into practice. The “AOB tutors” within your company will guide the discussion. This role can be shifting. Tutors also have the task of maintaining virtual conversations and reminding and inspiring co-workers to learn online. In addition, we encourage participants to spar and share insights together with a colleague.

2. Microlearning in team meetings

Collaborative learning can be implemented lightly as micro-learning during team meetings: We can watch a 5-minute video together and discuss the thoughts it provokes. For this, we can build a ready-made educational path for you, where selected videos are easily accessible.

3. Learning sessions

Through the training we offer, anyone on your team can facilitate a learning circle. This also presents a great opportunity for individuals to develop their facilitation skills.

Creating a culture of shared learning is a process. We recommend starting with a theme that offers personal benefits to participants. Peer support is invaluable, and collective discussion fosters new perspectives. After the first circle, you can progress towards themes that contribute to community development.

3. Communication plan 

We strongly believe that good communication is the best tool for change. Internal communication plays an essential role in creating a successful program, and we look forward to active co-operation on this matter. Therefore, we emphasize communication as a strong part of the entire life cycle of our service.

  • Communication plan

    We’ll start by discussing what communication channels you have available and who uses them. We’ll talk about different ideas for communication and select the ones that best suit your needs. We can achieve the best results by utilizing multiple people and channels.

  • Launch communication

    A successful launch of a service is crucial – and there are many ways to succeed! The goal is to clearly communicate what it’s about, what benefits it brings, and why it’s worth my time to use it. The most important thing is to communicate where your personnel are – whether it’s through a newsletter, Slack message, video greeting, live meeting – or maybe all of these!

  • Newsletters

    We provide our customers with ready-made newsletter materials that they can forward, utilize as inspiration, and pick texts and images from here and there. Depending on the situation and plan, we can also create customized newsletters that address your specific development themes.

  • Activating communication

    We have gathered positive experiences from our customers regarding weekly or monthly themed highlights. These usually take place in internal communication channels such as Slack, Yammer, or Teams. We provide ready-made introduction texts for all our content, sneak peek videos, and icons.

  • Summaries

    We help and encourage tracking the usage, impact, and feedback of the content. Based on these, we can highlight colleagues’ recommendations, TOP 5 performances, activity goals, and impact.

  • Blogs and case texts

    We encourage our customers to write a broader, more journalistic text about the development of the personnel and the work done for it. Together, we analyze the situation, the scope of the text, and the specific topic. Then our journalists interview the individuals selected from your end. We edit the text together to suit your needs and publish it in both media outlets.

4. The path to success

Active internal dialogue is a prerequisite for success. Therefore, we support the customer holistically in tracking effectiveness and communicating successes.

After setting goals regarding activity and impact, we can plan targeted thematic highlights and communication.

Learning Success Manager designated to your organization holds a quarterly meeting with you to examine results together and compare them to the objectives. At the same time, any necessary activation measures are agreed upon. We offer consultative support in both communication and online learning management.

5. Summary – What we achieved and how to proceed? 

We are your everyday partner in developing work-life skills. Through long-term co-operation with our customers, we have achieved an average activity of 80%. Furthermore, the satisfaction with our service is 4.3 on a scale of 1-5. Effective learning is close to our hearts, and we are researching it with passion.

We live with the successes of our clients – big or small. According to our customer data and research, we have witnessed effects such as improved atmosphere at work, stronger psychological safety, improved energy levels, and relief from stress.

Even though the co-operation continues, it is good to look at the results and clarify what we achieved every year. You will also be pleased to present the results to the management team, colleagues, and teams inside the house.